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Solo Keyboard Music

Sonatina, piano
The World of Poictesme, a musical dizaine for piano
Fra Amici, suite for harpsichord
BVD rag, for piano
Variations on a Bosnian kolo, for piano
Travels with Don: six pieces of moderate difficulty
A Motley of modes and meters: six pieces for piano
The Ghost of Alberti: fantasy for piano
Four Variations on the Christmas carol “Down in yon Forest” for piano
Three Christmas carols on Balkan rhythms, for piano
I got them twelve-tone blues, piano
In the balance: A Little Suite on Scales for piano
Souvenir of Turkey, for piano solo
Elegy: In memoriam M.V.D., piano solo
Guirnaldas Mexicana, for piano solo
Labyrinth, Suite in 5 movements for piano