Commissions & Awards

Partita Natalia: Christmas music for String Quintet. Commissioned by the Armed Forces Network in Europe, broadcast over that system in Dec. 1961.

Toccata for Orchestra: Commissioned by the Bloomington, IL. High School, performed May 1971.

Six Songs on Mother Goose Rhymes, for soprano and woodwind quintet. Commissioned by Yolanda Marculescou in 1978.

With Joy, O Lord. Hymn commissioned by St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Evanston, IL on the occasion of its centennial, 1976.

The Bestiary, for soprano and flute. Commissioned by Yolanda Marculescou in 1979; subsequently recorded on the Orion label.

Fra Amici, suite for harpsichord. Prizewinner in Alienor Harpsichord Composition Competition, and performed at the 6th annual conclave of the Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society, Washington DC, June 1986.

Incidental music for Goldsmith’s “She stoops to conquer”, commissioned by the Roosevelt Unviersity Theater Dept., November 1980.

Variations on the name “Franz Liszt” for brass choir. Commissioned by the North Shore Choral Society, performed February 1981.

Garlands, for oboe, viola and piano. Commissioned by oboist Carl Sonik in 1983.

The Geometry of Music, for chorus, organ and brass ensemble. Commissioned by the North Shore Choral Society on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, 1985.

Incidental music for Sheridan’s “School for Scandal,” commissioned by the Roosevelt University Theater Dept., March 1990.

Turnings of the Ayre, for flute, oboe and harpsichord. Commissioned by the Foundation for Baroque Music, Saratoga, NY, July 1990.

Heart’s Desire, for contrabassoon and piano. Commissioned by Susan Nigro, 1991. Subsequently recorded on Crystal Records.

Variations on a Bosnian Kolo, for piano solo. Performed in Edinburgh, Scotland, April, 1994, at a special benefit for the victims of rape in the Bosnian- Herzogovinian Civil War.

Overture with Fanfares, for orchestra. Commissioned by the Evanston Symphony Orchestra on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. Performed February 1996.

Trio from Rio, for flute, clarinet & piano. Commissioned by the Pilgrim Chamber Players, 1998.

Miracles of Mary, for guitar quartet. Commissioned by the Mid-America Guitar Ensemble Festival; performed February 1999.

Winds of change, for flute quartet. Commissioned by Flutes Fantastique in 2000. Subsquent award winner in the Newly Published Works catagory of the National Flute Association, 2001.

Journey to Ithaca, for clarinet, English horn, viola and cello. Commissioned by the Pilgrim Chamber Players, 2000.

Orchestral Variation son “Amazing Grace.” Commissioned by the Coastal Symphony of Georgia, October 2003.

Divertimento for String quartet. Commissioned by the Pilgrim Chamber Players, 2004. Premiered in May 2005.

Battlin’ Bassoons, for two players. Commissioned by Carol Hopwood, bassoonist.


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